Published August 20, 2015


Working as a model is fun and sometimes you can earn a lot of money as a model. But you have to start somewhere. Therefor we give you these 10 tips for you, entirley free!

  • Learn to handle criticism
    Every model, if you are just started or when you walk the biggest fashion show, will be criticized at some point. Thirst, know that this criticism is well meant and should be a lesson for you. When you are looking for model assignments you won’t always be picked as the model, rejections are part of the model profession. Rejections doesn’t mean you are not qualified as model, most of the time the client is looking for a special look.

  • Be polite
    Working with people that are rude is not a fun thing to do. It’s for as a model, as well for the client and photographer important communicate in a way that works for all, so you can look back at an fun photoshoot. The results of the photoshoot are better when you are working in a nice environment. Your attitude as model must be relaxed, which is impossible when there is a negative ambiance.

  • A deal is a deal, be on time!
    Be around rude people is most of the time very stressful. A a model, as well as the client and the photographer, It’s our job to look after an easy way to communicate with each other, so you can all look back at a nice time during the photoshoot. The results of the photoshoot will be better when you work in an relaxed environment. Your body have to be relaxed, which is hard to do in a stressful situation.

  • Your own model portfolio
    When you start modelling you won’t have a high quality portfolio, so it’s important you’ll start working on one. Your portfolio is the most powerfull way to get new modelling jobs at new clienst. You can build your portfolio by joining special model website and Facebook groups to get modelling jobs, even if you don’t get paid.

  • A nice, healty body
    Despite there are exceptions, most modelling jobs are for people with a good body. The most portrait/glamour/fashion photos are shot to expose something nice. In case of a portrait or glamour photo you are the “something nice”. In case of fashion shoots you are promoting the clothes you’re wearing. But even in fashion shoots there are models wanted with a nice body.

  • Personal hygiene
    Besides your looks personal hygiene is very important as a model. Before you go to a photoshoot you have to make sure that you are in perfect shape. When there is no make-up artist to do you make, make sure your make-up is perfect. Take some extra make-up with you, just in case. Furthermore, think about your nails, teeth, hair (on your body) etc.

  • Clothes
    We recommend to talk about clothes you’ll wear during the photoshoot. You’ll go through multiple sets of clothing during a photoshoot. Besides clothes think about shoes and accessory (jewellery, elastic for your hair, belts. When you wear more sets of clothes you’ll get very different pictures!

  • Communicate clearly
    Point out what you are willing to do as a model, and what you’re not willing to do. Talk about this before the photoshoot to avoid any disappointments during the photoshoot. Make a deal about payment and who can do what with the taken pictures.

  • Posing as a model
    Posing is very difficult. It’s a step you’ll have to take as a starting model. The best way to practice is to stand before a mirror and just try to pose. Practice the poses that you think are best. Also think about different facial expressions. For example: Sexy, scared, surprised, happy, etc. On the internet and YouTube is a lot of information about how to pose as a model. You can also check other photos from photoshoot to see what kind of poses are used (from nice pictures ofcourse!).

  • Attitude
    Last but most certainly not least. Do not think you’ll get everything right when you start modelling. You have to work together with photographers and clients to make yourself a better model. There are a lot of people who dream to become a model. When your attitude is not appreciated there will be ten others for the job you wanted. Just be yourself and don’t get cocky!

With these 10 tips you’ll get a good starting point for your modelling career. If you wish to become a professional model you are free to look if our become a model school is something for you to join.

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